Tuesday, February 10, 2009 @ 1:37 AM  1 stares
huhuhuhu hwaaaaaaaaaaaa... T.T

(its midnight so its already tuesday)..

yesterday, was the last episode of my "drama"..
haha it was an okay ending.. so it wasnt a waste going to school yesterday.. i arrived at school real late.. and then i just sneak in the assembly! huahaha.. i brought my phone to complete my "mission" of mengambil gamba ooorang .. luckily the assembly went by really fast.. maybe its because my principle didnt give his boring speech (that even put the teachers to sleep)

after that we all went into our class.. the teachers were busy with preparation for sukan tara tomorrow so our class was free!!.. i had nothing better to do so i sat with my friends and talk about something.. all i did was laugh and laugh and laugh.. at some point.. "dier" came into my class.. and i didnt realise it .. so i was really shocked when i saw his face (am i writing a song ?)

so i act normal..control2... he was talking to his friends and keep on smiling (but not to me lah!).. god why did you do this to me?...i didnt stare at him hahahaha.. if i stare my friends would notice!.. that would be bad!... they would say "eh nk tau dak? nina tu kan bekenan kat..ehem.. la".. i want to be remember as the girl who's something.. but not the girl who likes ehem..

moving on .. after that.. he came in the class for a few times.. i really wanted to snap a picture but i'm wayy to scared.. scared that my handphone would be ... umm whats the word of it?.. takut kene rampas laa.. and also takut dier nampak laa.. after recess i saw him a few times again.. and then he went home early..huhuhu.. but his face when he was going home was soo cool!..

after that my day went on as usual.. nothing special.. wait!! there this cute guy during my sports house meeting.. his face was fair(putih la).. very smart!..and a prefect. .. i asked my friend what form is he in?.. i thought he was in form 3 but it turns out he's a form2 student!.. huhuhu soo sad! .. i feel very old! ahaahhahha

so i went home.. eat - sleep - eat - sleep and then pack my things.. i'm bringing 2 big luggage 1 pillow - 2 school bags that match my 2 diffrent coloured unifrom!..

i wanted to take a picture of me in normal school uniform the white and blue uniform..but i threw my tudung inside the laudry basket a little too early!.. huhu..

well i hope everything goes well there!.. wish me the best of luck!

to all of you out there no matter which school you go to, your future is up to you not to that school!.. so lets work hard to achieve the best in everything! and i wont forget you so please dont forget me

this is my last post for now.. at least until i'm reunited with the internet again.. but i think this week i'm going to be busy with orientation so i wont have time to pay the internet a visit!.. but i hope i will soon!

thnx for reading
thnx & sorry for everything
please forgive me if i offended any of you in my blogpost or while chatting
(aik?.. cam kiamat la plak..hahaha ..serius2..)

hahah moving on:

remember me always!
good luck with everything