Monday, November 26, 2012 @ 12:42 AM  2 stares
Assalamualaikum and highhh~~!

i just got back from my camping trip at teratak riverview Ulu bernam... 
it was awesome!! hahahha 
well.. i made some memories..

when i got back here.. i realized that comparing myself to everyone around me is tiring 

i am trying to be good at drawing 
when i already have mad designing skills via adobe

i am learning the basics of a language that is alien to me 
when i already have the basics to 2 other  foreign language that i would easily cruise through

i am struggling to be active and  be good at things like camping and whatnot 
when i can do a lot more with a mouse and a keyboard

i am constantly changing my handwriting 
when my writing itself can stand on its own

i listening to songs that i don't even like.. 
when my folder is filled with songs that i actually like

i complain that i'm not as fit/ fast as they are 
when i forget that i can stay wide awake while they sleep and wake up really early and do a lot more then

i am learning how to read music notes.. 
when i have the talent to read html codes

i am making friendssss.. 
when i really prefer not talking to strangers

i'm trying to change the way i dress 
even though my family have no problem with how i dress..
and even i myself is..was.. perfectly fine with it

i'm trying to be a nicer..
even though sometimes i feel i'm nice enough

trying to be a better muslim
despite the endless sin i commit

i am trying not care.. even when i really do
i am trying not to tweet... even though i'd really love to

i am holding back from posting my pictures.. 
even though i really really really want to

i trying to know more about the world.. 
even though i hate politics and war

i am trying to not be fusyy
when in fact i am really really really really fussy as anyone could ever be

i am doing things i don't even like.... 
over the things i like doing 
and its tiring..

but so far.. its a lot of fun.. 
and it wont hurt to learn some new things would it?

so far
physically.. yes it hurts badly
emotionally... yes..kind of..
but.. its worth it
is it???

harap ini lack of gambar
tuan puteri sangat gering.. mahu beradu skrang