Wednesday, June 10, 2009 @ 4:17 AM  0 stares
no no no.. i'm not inlove with wondergirl's song so hot...

i'm not praising myself either... i've done that too much for today..

i'm just really hot... i mean.. hot as in the temperature is HOT!! boiling.. 100 degree Celsius!

well it has been a boring day all day.. i wake up.. i eat.. turn on the laptop and start chatting with my best friend (since theres nobody else.. nobody nobody but you~!)

after that i tried opening videos..

this video : cannot load ..
that video : currently not available..
another video : please try later..
a video i dont even care to watch : link is broken

you have no idea how tension i was

so anyway i tried and tried .. and search for a good-modern day japanese comedy- drama

i wanted to watch atasinchi no danshi but it just wont load
i wanted to continue boys over flower but.. arrggh.. i already know half of the the story line.. soo fed up !
i wanted to watch ghost friends.. but soo little episode uploaded.. x syokk ahh

i wanted to continue mei chan no shitsuji.. but mizushima hiro is married to maybe next time

talking about ayaka.. do you know that he have grave disease? .. did you know she have a great voice?? she sings okaeri.. the theme song for zettai kareshi (Where his husband acts in too).. but i love her other song more .. clap and love.. *remember to download that song*
i wanted to watch delicious gakuin / other shounen only drama.. but xleh relate ah.. diorang semua shounen.. xde moodd nk tgk laki cantik

somehow i bump into Yume wo Kanaeru zo.. i thought it would be kinda boring since oguri shun is in it.. but it turns out that he's only the guest for episode 1.. i dont know why he's in the promotional picture.. the story its really wierd.. thats why i like it!

its not a typical
"girl meet boy... girl hates boy .. boy actually love girl but acts like he hates her and always bully her and ends up with her anyway"

drama is more like
"girl is unlucky.. girl get dump by old boyfren.. girl meet a ginnie or ganesha (a god)... girl signs contract with ganesha .. ganesha bully girl to do crazy things that actually attract possible boyfriend.. at the same time girl gets a great boost of confidence"

i dont think normal people will like it... especially with my wierd mood.. one minute i laugh.. the other i cry.. ( i really did.. i was "studying physic with my dad.. and i actually cried)

so anyway for the record.. i watch until episode 7 in one day... can you believe it??
a wierd girl love wierd drama.. so my advice.. dont ask me to recommend good drama.. a good drama to me is a wierd drama to you..

ape yg aku merepek ni??

anyway its tuesday... wednesday.. and i have 3 days to finish 5 chapter additional math..makkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...

wait! bad idea.. i cannot tell my mom.. she will kill me!!.. aiyoyoyo.. i'll finish episode 7 of yume wo kanaeru zo .. and then i'll finish chapter 1.. no more honesty.. i will have to take the shortcut!

ok.. thats all for now.. sorry for the crapppy post.. i dont know what to write..