Saturday, February 26, 2011 @ 5:02 AM  3 stares

i hate alice in the wonderland live action movie.. 
alice looks old and anne hattaway should've been alice..

anyway that's not what i want to write about!

there are alot of things to think about but after reading syamimi's blog.. all i can think about is spm!

syamimi!!!! awk pnya pasal la nih! haha

she said that she went to a bookstore and checked out the answer for our spm biology paper
(while someone was checking her out! pewitt!)

well guess what syamimi..
i went to the bookstore too today!
and my mother actually bought the past year question for Biology!

so after reading that post it reminds me of that book my mother bought
so i checked MY answers!

mak aih susah gilaaaaaa paper bio!
mase buat tu bukan main konfiden... kpala ikan!..
pastu terus tutup buku and simpan balik dlm plastik beg syarikat muda osman!

adohaii.. anyway.. tomorrow i have a full day ahead of me
(full la sangat!)

11 o'clock : dream high
1 o'clock : my gf is a gumiho
5 o'clock : 20 for company
around 10 o'clock (night) : princess prosecutor!

ermm.. yg 20 for company tu bukan cerita yer.. 
that stands for 20 orang kengkawan of my parents coming for a visit!...
projek "kale kale kuku ku" pon terbantut lah!...

ehemm ehemm... 
kk..bbye..nk tito!